From traditional craftsmanship to international beauty innovation.

Discover the revolution in men's care

In the world of men's care, an innovative brand enters the stage: VONDIEM. The founders, Dominik Heydecke and Christian Quaas, share their inspiring stories and reveal the vision behind the brand that wants to revolutionize the field of men's care.

Brand story: A revolution by Dominik Heydecke and Christian Quaas

Men's beauty redefined

Who is this VONDIEM? Do you know him? Given his products, he must have been to Fashion Week in Paris, the Oscars or Cannes! In principle, that's true, of course, and we hope that our products will be used there one day, but unfortunately we're not there yet.

VONDIEM was founded in 2023 by Dominik Heydecke and Christian Quaas. Both have a family connection to hair care and beauty since early childhood. So the current path is only logical. The focus is on men's beauty. A market that has developed rapidly in the last two decades. From a niche product to top sellers in a relatively short period of time. The big brands suddenly launched men's lines because they recognized the potential. But to date there are very few pure men's brands in this segment.

VONDIEM – Where tradition meets innovation.

More than just a name

VONDIEM is aiming to revolutionize the men's beauty sector. The first product series is all about hair: Modern Hairstyling. But the two founders have a lot more planned. VONDIEM - A new dimension of Men's Beauty.

But how did this name come about? We have to disappoint anyone who thinks that VONDIEM is really a very pleasant-sounding name of an old family dynasty. Diem is the second part of Carpe Diem and Dominik considers himself a member of the hair nobility. Thus the name VONDIEM was born.

From master hairdresser to social media sensation – Dominik’s unique path

Master craftsman and trendsetter

Children often follow in their parents' professional footsteps. I am actually very grateful that my father became a master hairdresser. That meant that I was exposed to the beauty industry when I was still a dummy. I don't know whether that meant my dummies were particularly stylish, but I don't think so.

My name is Dominik and I dutifully completed a hairdressing apprenticeship and learned my trade "from scratch". This still helps me today to be able to have a say in decisions from a trade perspective. Of course, I didn't want to join our family business straight away, but wanted to gain experience independently first. As Education Manager at L'Oreal Paris and as Sales Manager at GHD Germany, I gained insights into the world of corporations and business. Strengthened, I joined our family business Heydecke and implemented my vision of the next level with our excellent team. With my instinct for trends and style, we built up a large social media presence on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. This led to a completely new perception and now to international demand and repositioning of our company.

Personally, I love to step out of line and do things differently. This probably explains my love of tattoos and fashion. My first tattoo was Carpe Diem, which was on everyone's lips thanks to the film "Dead Poets Society". The film is not from my time, of course, but it was the beginning of a new motto for life and a new way of thinking for my parents. It also shows that parents definitely influence their children. And since my father was and still is self-employed, it wasn't far for me to become self-employed with VONDIEM. And now everyone knows how VONDIEM is pronounced.

From fitness coach to beauty and eCommerce expert – Chris' multifaceted talents.

Beauty & eCom Virtuoso

What could be better than starting every day with your dream? By the way, I mean that in a professional sense. Sun, beach and sea are always good, of course, but that's not the topic here.

My name is Chris and I founded the VONDIEM label with my business partner Dominik. We start every day together highly motivated and fulfill our professional dream. I was born and raised in Hamburg, where, due to family reasons, I was exposed to the topics of fitness, beauty and health from an early age. In addition to my master's degree in economics and social sciences with a focus on marketing, I also completed training as a fitness trainer. This allowed me to perfectly combine my interests.

During my studies, I also discovered my passion for business administration and marketing. And no, it didn’t turn me into a nerd. Professionally, I gained experience at Beiersdorf in NIVEA eCommerce and the First experiences in brand management. Even then, it was my passion to identify trends early and develop appropriate products. The combination of skin and hair care with well-founded eCommerce marketing fascinated me. The time was incredibly intense, educational and incredibly interesting. So it is certainly no surprise that we cover this area in particular with our label.

Our own vision of outstanding products in the area of ​​men's beauty is our mission. But we are by no means limited to skin and hair. So wait and see what else comes. So now I am living my long-awaited dream of self-employment. And you can see how much I live this passion in our products.